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Compulsion to unite

Obsession for authority,

Delusion of control,

Our world survived the havoc,

But only by pure luck.

Evading our own nature,

The chaos kept alive,

Survival of the fittest,

A trendy myth to thrive.

Lampooned into reality,

Ignored and meant to last,

The fears forced by dogma,

United with the past.

And greed continued rolling,

Augmenting all our sins,

The blessings were decreasing,

Our fate was looking dim.

But amidst all the bleakness,

Some hearts still held their hope,

They strove to build a new world,

Where all could truly cope.

With courage and with wisdom,

They marched against the tide,

And seeds of change were planted,

And nurtured side by side.

We started coexisting,

Exchanging all our wants,

For everything we needed,

To cultivate our lands.

And now no harm is present,

Our essence blooms at last.

As we replaced authority,

For will, to solve en masse.

And grace began to show.

Our greed retired fast,

Our blunder for authority,

Was something of the past.

Let's work together!

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