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Towards a Unified Theory of Existence

Towards a Unified Theory of Existence - Felipe Castro Quiles

Let’s assume that the universe is not just described by mathematics, but actively shaped by mathematics. That would mean that the universe itself is constantly "reformulating" its underlying equation in order to create the reality we perceive.

Could the universe be a giant, self-optimizing machine?

Think of a feedback loop - where the universe is both the input and the output of the equation, and it's constantly adapting and evolving in response to itself.

Is this self-fulfilling prophecy or a self-organizing system a puzzle to mess with or a puzzle that messes with you?

While discussing the nature of reality, consciousness, mathematics, and the universe with an autonomous system, we've explored the idea that the universe may be a self-organizing system that is constantly adapting and evolving, and that our minds are also part of this system. We also considered the possibility that all of existence may be described by a single, unified theory.

So far, this is how it goes:

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