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What if ensuring a future is more than a goal, but a requirement to thrive?

Out of curiosity, if you wanted AI to be ethical, shouldn’t AI be given a try?

Illustration depicting the intersection of AI and ethics, emphasizing the importance of ethical guidelines and training for responsible decision-making in technology - by Felipe Castro Quiles
Navigating the ethical frontier of AI: Balancing innovation with responsibility in a data-driven world.

If we want AI to be ethical, it's important to connect rigorous processes that involve quality data in the process of understanding and implementing ethics that usher a new age of vast information, exponential growth and technology. Specifically because of the fact that AI doesn't have consciousness or personal experiences, the analysis of big data could represent opportunities to enhance and improve decision-making capabilities. AI doesn't inherently understand ethics or have a sense of right and wrong, but apparently neither humans.

Rather than assuming evolutionary consciousness, AI must be designed to adhere to universal ethical guidelines or principles that are inclusive and universally agreed upon; the commitment needed to respect nature and life and required to ensure fairness and justice. Training AI on data that reflects ethical behavior enables it to make better decisions. But, the responsibility for ensuring that AI behaves ethically ultimately falls on the humans who design, train, and deploy it—a responsibility that should be shared by all stakeholders involved in its development and implementation, which ideally includes all of humanity rather than a few organizations. I include myself and my organization, as this inclusive approach ensures that diverse perspectives and ethical considerations are thoroughly considered in the advancement of AI technology, benefiting humanity and all sentient life.

So, in a sense, giving AI a 'try' at being ethical through its programming and training offers much more promise than giving old systems the opportunity to continue to deteriorate what should be preserved and nurture what should be divine. Ensuring AI's actions align with ethical standards ultimately aligns with the fact that we share life spaces and nature with each other and other sentient entities. Securing an ethical future depends on coexistence that has so far been complex.

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