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Ash Singh - Felipe Castro Quiles

“Felipe is an excellent business development leader…” - Ash Singh, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD Business School and one of Asia’s top startup minds; 500 million dollars raised to date

Sherin Sonia Jacob - Felipe Castro Quiles

"Felipe is a passionate individual who has a desire to make a difference in this world, but he takes the passion to the next level by putting it into action." - Sherin Sonia Jacob, Director of Research and Development at Emerging Rule

Ashish Sanghrajka - Felipe Casto Quiles.jpg

"Felipe is a highly trained and educated professional...He is very visionary and has qualities of a true innovator." - Ashish Sanghrajka, Mentor, Fortune 500 CIO and Digital Transformation Leader 

Bill Inman.jpeg

"The passion of ... CEO Felipe Castro Quiles for growing emerging technology in the region is exemplary and we look to amplify that enthusiasm through our AI resources." - Bill Inman, 
Investor, Singularity Studio CEO & SingularityNET Growth Leadership Advisor

Felipe Castro Quiles - Singularity Univeristiy at NASA
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