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A Problem to Conquer

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

After more than 300,000,000 years of evolution, as well as millennia of civilization and formal education, humankind is facing an existential dilemma. People need to decide how to sustain living while transforming every known practice to a new age of artificial intelligence. Not every society is in tune with the latest exponential advancements, but humanity must decide if sustaining the old ways is worth disappearing.

A Problem to Conquer

A new criteria of knowledge and conduct that responds to the current sociotechnical paradigms must be systemically proliferated. A preposterous reality is on the horizon – we could become extinct soon through a horrendous act of war. Through this post, I look to awaken the sense of collaboration that we need to stop mass-destruction and overcome the inevitable transformation that our own technological progress has caused. You have the power to stop idiots. You have the responsibility to ensure the life of our future generations, regardless of your desire to live. It is today that the world needs you - be fair to your descendants – if they are to exist.

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