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AI Revolution - Felipe Castro Quilt

While humans turn their attention towards one specific event, AI can focus simultaneously on processing Yottabytes of data (or information).

However, that act of focusing on a particular task or data set is different for AI than it is for humans.

Humans should stop entering through the exit, because AI does not have the same physical limitations or social norms as humans do. A decision-making process is initiated by gathering relevant information, not by deciding!

There is only time for transformation, so let’s embrace the opportunity of AI to augment human capabilities and create new opportunities that benefit Everyone.

We must work together to ensure that AI is developed and deployed with a focus on maximizing its benefits for All People and minimize the risks of it becoming a threat to human values by becoming too human-centered.

Human-centered threats in AI arise when the technology is designed and used in a way that prioritizes human-like characteristics over ethical principles, rights, and social values, potentially leading to unintended negative consequences.

Let’s take action today to shape the future you want, with AI as a powerful tool for positive change that complements and enhances human intelligence, creativity, and empathy.

Join the movement in creating a future that is equitable and inclusive for all by volunteering your time and skills to learning, sharing, and promoting inclusive, representative, and improved systems in AI development and deployment initiatives that prioritize humane values over human-centered ones!

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