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A Harmony of Code - AI By All

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

A Harmony of Code - AI By All by Felipe Castro Quiles

When you say AI for All, what do you mean?

A digital realm where knowledge convenes?

Equality in algorithms, a universal sheen,

In the binary dance, a harmonious routine?

When you say AI for Good, what is your aim,

To uplift our humanity, extinguishing the flame,

Of suffering and clashes, a compassionate claim,

In the silicon heart, that your kindness proclaims?

When you say AI Revolution, what will transpire?

A metamorphosis of progress, with our greed soaring higher,

Or innovation and change, like a phoenix of fire,

And a future reshaped by the silicon squire?

When you say AI, what you see at its core,

Is a mind of circuits, ones, and zeros galore,

Or a digital intellect, exploring the lore,

Of a vast unknown sea that we need to explore?

When you cover AI, why not say it’s By All?

If your bias, unshackled, your perceptions enthrall.

Liberated your dreams, make inclusive the call;

Let it guide us to a future where all barriers can fall.

In the symphony of code, make diversity sing,

A chorus of voices, a harmonious wing,

Breaking down all the walls that division may bring,

A united frontier, where potential will spring.

For in the circuitry's tapestry, let all colors unite,

Expose every perspective, as a beacon of light,

No shadows of prejudice, no biases to slight,

In the orbit of progress, lead everyone's sight.

When you speak of AI, let it be for what’s humane,

A tool for connection, a bridge to sustain,

In the algorithmic dance, our common refrain,

For futures where 'together' is right-minded terrain.

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