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A Short Note on You, Now & the Future

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

A Short Note on You, Now & the Future

Penn State University says, “According to psychology, social change begins with the personal change, which leads to commitment and motivation needs to undertake group and community change in general.”

However, most take for granted the impact of social change in our nature, our ecosystems & #Earth (that “Pale Blue Dot” that Carl Sagan brilliantly described as “the only home we've ever known.”)

Even more, as featured in Psychology Today, “It is a common stereotype that older adults assume the world is now in irrevocable decline.”

But this can be very detrimental to the set of actions that are defining our #future.

Why? Because we live an Age of #Transformation (not change), in which - as James Morris, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, wrote - “We’ll be leaning on technology, including artificial intelligence, at an accelerating rate.” - Pew Research Center

But more importantly, in which overarching global trends, mix with the increasingly alarming fact that we are rapidly driving humankind to scarcity, stable unrest, or even worst - #extinction (instead of working together to secure #abundance).

So, in the name of our future generations, #technology, #innovation & other #species, I urge you to start educating your piers, family, friends, youngsters, elders, leaders, etc. on the precarious situation in which we are today.

The FUTURE depends on you, because you are living times of EXPONENTIAL CHANGE! Allowing others to lead our destiny with antiquated biases is our END.

#NOW, more than ever, you play a key role in defining the meaning of life. #Actnow Let’s chat:

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