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About you? Rethinking Evolution, Technology, and Human Harmony

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

About you? Rethinking Evolution, Technology, and Human Harmony

Consciousness could be some kind of evolutionary glitch, and maybe we've fooled ourselves into thinking we're more important than we really are.

Eventually we might fuse consciousness and unconsciousness in some way, and blur the line between us and the technology we create.

This fusion of consciousness and unconsciousness would result in a kind of utopian age of harmony. A world without conflict, where everyone and everything exists in balance and works together for the common good.

Technological progress is tied to improved quality of life, and that has enabled us to reach unimaginable advances to the point of ideating AI. But there’s even more to come!

I look at this not just in terms of the technology itself, but the way it impacts society and culture. There’s a potential kind of technological singularity, where the rate of progress is so rapid that it leads to a fundamental shift in what it means to be human.

On one hand, a sense of self can give us purpose, motivation, and a feeling of individuality. But on the other hand, that same sense of self can create a sense of separation, or even division, from others. Even more, humans used to feel more connected to nature, but today, how many of us feel alienated or disconnected from the natural world?

Maybe the next stage of human evolution is to transcend the sense of self, and re-establish our connection to the world around us. Perhaps being intelligent is a goal, not a trend.

So in other words, instead of a "dog-eat-dog" world where the strongest and most competitive thrive, we should shift to a world where cooperation and mutual support are the keys to thriving?

I can see how that would be more sustainable in the long-term, and would lead to less suffering.

But is it possible, given how deeply rooted our instincts for competition and self-interest seem to be? You tell me.

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