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World-Leading AI Specialists to Headline Groundbreaking 'AI Futures' Workshop at AI for Good Summit

Group of international experts and AI specialists discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence at the AI Futures Workshop during the AI for Good Summit 2024 in Geneva.
International experts and AI specialists collaborating at the AI Futures Workshop during the AI for Good Summit 2024 in Geneva, focusing on ethical AI solutions for a better future.

Geneva, May 2024 - The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an open canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of today's innovators. In an effort to navigate the complex landscape of AI ethics and possibilities, a team of esteemed international multisectorial experts and AI specialists are spearheading the groundbreaking workshop, "AI Futures," at the esteemed AI for Good Summit.

This dynamic 1 1/2-day workshop is scheduled for May 30th and 31st at the AI for Good Summit venue in Geneva. It will convene a diverse cohort of stakeholders dedicated to charting a path towards AI futures that prioritize inclusivity, fairness, and community agency.

Key Themes and Objectives:

Participants in the workshop will embark on a transformative journey to:

- Deepen their understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

- Navigate the diverse spectrum of potential AI futures, spanning personal, commercial, environmental, and societal realms.

- Collaboratively envision and co-create preferred scenarios for AI futures, with an initial focus on the critical domain of food systems.

- Forge actionable strategies to shape and steer these envisioned futures, emphasizing informed decision-making and holistic approaches.

Expert Insights and Participatory Process:

Attendees will be privileged to glean insights from leading luminaries in the field of AI. Through an immersive and participatory process, this workshop aims to harness the collective intelligence of diverse perspectives, including those of "unusual suspects" in AI discourse, to catalyze innovative solutions for the greater good.

What Participants Will Gain:

Expect to depart from this workshop equipped with:

- Valuable insights, connections, and relationships cultivated during interactive sessions.

- Personalized perspectives on the dynamic landscape of AI futures.

- A versatile toolkit comprising diverse methodologies and approaches for shaping the trajectory of AI.

- Opportunities to actively contribute towards tangible actions that materialize inspiring visions into reality.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop extends a warm invitation to all impassioned individuals committed to co-creating AI futures in harmony with communities. Whether you are a policymaker, designer, technologist, entrepreneur, social advocate, or community representative, your unique perspective is indispensable in this collaborative endeavor.

Join a distinguished panel of international multisectorial experts and AI specialists as they delve into the notion of agency within AI futures and unveil innovative pathways for designing, scaling, and refining AI solutions. Together, let us forge a future where AI serves the collective needs of humanity.

For registration details and further information, kindly visit:

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