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10 Things That AI Will Make Disappear

10 Things That AI Will Make Disappear - Felipe Castro Quiles

This is my list of 10 things that will disappear due to AI:

  1. Bureaucracy

  2. Manual Decisions

  3. Repetitive Tasks

  4. Data Entry

  5. Human Errors

  6. Tedious Paperwork

  7. Information Overload

  8. Monotonous Jobs

  9. Time-Consuming Research

  10. Inefficiencies

If you feel offended by any of this, please revisit your most cherished books, thoughts, and values to find perspective. The impact of AI is comparable to monumental shifts in history, and it is transformative and undeniable. Adopting a mindset that can prepare us for transformation could be the first step to understanding that no one will miss the above when progress is embraced. Let’s work together to explore the opportunities AI presents. Contact me at now!

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