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Do you fear AI?

Perhaps the fear of AI mainly resides in the minds of some uber-rich individuals who prefer that the majority of people in the world continue to live in poverty.

Maybe it's those who are so comfortable with their lives that they fail to recognize that we are the main problem.

Perhaps those who fear AI are stuck with the egocentric idea that humans are the only possible intelligent beings in the universe. As a result, they believe that it is permissible to let other species go extinct because we continue to waste as if there is no tomorrow.

While we currently do not have the capacity to process vast amounts of complex data or accurately predict outcomes in a timely manner, AI has the potential to enhance our living conditions when developed for good.

So, it's important to acknowledge that we face many other existential threats that could lead to our extinction, specially self-inflicted. Despite this, we must continue to strive for a better future, and developing AI for good can be a vital step towards achieving it. Contact me, I'll tell you how 🚀

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