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Why do our descendants have a chance? You...

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Until a brave soul with access to mass media decides to engage in a story that unveils the tremendous harm that our generation is causing to our descendants - by refusing to take part in the ‘transformation’ of our most essential systems (which are all outdated) - you can help me by spreading the word, enhancing the message, or joining the mission.

Please read carefully and act decisively.

As I have been sharing in various international forums for years, artificial intelligence is already controlling some of our most essential activities; one of which I am concerned, one of which I am deeply worried about, and one of which I am afraid. But as I do not mean to panic you, I’ll do my best to describe my distress in a mellow tone.

When I started to professionally pursue the independent research and development of Machine Learning, I had just married, was enrolled on the Doctor of Business Administration program at University of Liverpool, and lived in Romania surrounded by intellectuals and creative people with a dystopian vision of common reality (if such a thing exists).

The point is, that I was entering my life’s mission from a completely different perspective, and began structuring my ideas from a peculiar viewpoint. In fact, a couple of years later, I met one of my mentors, and the global pioneer of one of the concerns I will explain below. But before that, let me caress the beginning of what will certainly be my life’s work.

After being granted permission to enter the United States of America as a married couple, we moved to Miami. In the coastal metropolis that is now a new hotspot for innovators, I started working on an idea of a financial app that collided with my current mission, and gave birth to an era of discrete ‘nerdification’.

In fact, this process of becoming nerdy in the art of AI, made me realize my first concern:

1) The Machine already controls one of our most fundamental processes - the search, ranking, and recommendation of the information we consume. If you don’t believe me, google it (wink).

But long story short, the idea eventually dissipated when I met my first international partner, and my newfound full attention to AI, took a turn to social business; a Miami-based bottling company entering the Haitian market to provide nutritional liquid energy meals.

In Haiti, I had the great privilege and opportunity to start meeting leaders in the international diplomacy, governance, and NGO sectors; I met the mentor that I mentioned above - Dr. Bertha Santoscoy (at that time attaché of the Organization of American States to Haiti ), a seasoned Human Rights lawyer that oversaw OAS’s agenda in three countries. She also led me to meet my partner at Emerging Rule, and bro for life.

But more importantly, I learned that there was a hidden story behind how Dr. Santoscoy influenced the decision-making process of many in the post-earthquake Haiti. At least how she managed to keep minimizing some of the country’s pressing issues and enhancing humanitarian aid.

Which brings me to that which no one speaks about, but worries me deeply.

2) The lack of inclusion, leads to the violation of our most fundamental rights. Allow me to briefly disclose why.

Dr. Santoscoy pioneered the defense of The Right to Nationality as an International Human Right – which I’ve always nicknamed the Right to Exist. This case is of the utmost importance to the outcome of our struggle to fit the square peg in a round hole. Why? Because, as of today, the lack of representation (inclusion) in the development of artificial intelligence is a synonym to a potential and devastating failure to sustain the right to interaction with the new Age of AI. Imagine that the machine decides tomorrow who eats and who doesn’t, and then please do the math.

Fast-forward to today, and I have decided to solve these pressing issues and avoid what frightens me the most:

3) A fourth industrial revolution fed by despot totalitarianism or tyranny, because of the deficit of education and the surplus of neutrality (or maybe ignorance).

Anyway, there you have it, 1-2-3 conversations that we can now have. Please consider reaching out and raising your voice. We have a very short time to act. Contact me now.

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